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What happens if I can't make the ghost hunt event on the day of the event itself?

If you find that you cannot make the event then please contact us as soon as you know that you will be unable to attend. It is important for you to let us know so that we are not waiting for you to arrive or worry about you getting lost. 

Can I bring my own filming equipment to film during the event?

Dark Arts Paranormal would like all their guests to bring whatever filming equipment they wish to use on an event. Filming equipment is extremely useful and is a valuable tool when looking back over the ghost hunt to see what may have been captured. We ask all of our guests to let us know if they have discovered anything unusual during a Dark Arts Paranormal ghost hunt and will do our best to get this verified through a reliable source and put on the website or Youtube if found to be interesting. it is important to note, however, that all footage taken during a Dark Arts Paranormal ghost hunt belongs to Dark Arts Paranormal regardless of who owns the equipment that the footage was taken on.

Will I get my money back if I can't make a ghost hunting event?

Dark Arts Paranormal do not offer refunds for any of our events. All places and locations are paid for prior to the start date of the event and we cannot reclaim this money back. We know that circumstances may mean that you are unable to make it and whilst we have empathy for emergency situations we are unable to do reimburse your money regardless.

What happens if I become really frightened during a ghost hunt?

On Dark Arts Paranormal ghost hunts we always have a safe area. This is a lit room which is known as the baseroom. If you become frightened you should let the team member know and if necessary they will take you to the baseroom to recover.

Will I be able to carry out my own vigil on the ghost hunt?

Dark Arts Paranormal always try to ensure that there is time for our guests to carry out their own vigil during the event. This is known as free time. If you feel that you would like to spend time in a particular area of the location that you are ghost hunting in then please let a team member know and if possible they will work towards allowing this to happen. Please note though that some of our locations do not allow free time for guests and insist that they are escorted by the team throughout all the ghost hunting vigils.

What happens if the person or people that I am coming with are unable to make the ghost hunt event? Am I able to change the name of the person or people coming with me?

If the person or people joining you on a Dark Arts Paranormal ghost hunt are unable to attend all you need to do is to email us and let us know the names of the people coming in their place. Please note though that anybody joining you must be 18 years or over and will not be allowed to attend if they have not read and complied with the terms and conditions on our website.

Do I need to print off tickets prior to arrival at one of Dark Arts Paranormal ghost hunts?

You do not need to print off your tickets for a Dark Arts Paranormal ghost hunt. Once your booking has been confirmed you will be on our guest list for the event. Please ensure that you have received an email from us one week prior to the event with all the information that you will need in order to attend safely. Please check your spam box if this does not appear in your inbox.

Will there be food available on every ghost hunt event?

Our events do include hot drinks. There are times when we do not have electricity and you will be instructed to bring your own hot drinks in a flask. You are also welcome to bring your own sandwiches to the event or anything else that you would like to eat.

Do I need a torch on a Dark Arts Paranormal Ghost Hunt?

We ask that all guests bring a torch with them to our ghost hunts for their own safety.

What should I wear on a Dark Arts Paranormal ghost hunt?

Please ensure that you wear warm, layered clothing and flat soled shoes. Some of our locations are very cold even in the summer so it is important that you are well insulated. If you wear layered clothing then you will be more comfortable in the warmer locations.

Are any of the ghost hunts outside?

Although most of our ghost hunts are indoors we do have some very active areas outside some of the locations so please ensure that you have adequate clothing to allow you to spend some time outdoors when necessary.

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